Ecotop Ripening Australia offers a ‘best-in-class’ end to end fruit ripening room system for the controlled and uniform ripening of exotic fruits such as bananas, avocados, mangos, papayas, kiwis and more.

“We are delighted to team-up with Montague to utilise their world-class facilities and access this new technology to ripen our Arcella Bananas. We think consumers will be very pleased by the outstanding quality and flavour of the fruit ripened in Rocklea.”

Dom Arcella, Arcella Bananas
Produce Plus Magazine, 15 December, 2020


The Ecotop system has been in operation internationally for over 15 years. Over a thousand rooms, in multiple countries, working with various fruit varieties and business topographies have been successfully commissioned.

Clients have adopted the Ecotop system worldwide due to its superior ripening quality, low cost operation and unique multi-functional room operation.

Ecotop Ripening Australia was founded on the demand in the Australian marketplace for improved technology and energy efficiency in ripening rooms in Australia.

Ecotop’s one of a kind testing facility in Melbourne’s South East, demonstrates this leading edge technology, which allows clients to view and test the ripening of Australian fruits, firsthand. It is a future-proof method for guaranteeing the best decision. 

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